The key to understanding Islam Application

The key to understanding Islam Application for Android

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The app is made to help the None Muslims to receive a correct massage about Islam based on the true understanding of the Holly Quran and Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) narrations, and try to remove the misconception comes from wrong understanding of the pillars and bases of Islam. The application is formed of five books tackling five subjects :
1 - Understanding Islam
2 - The Message of Islam
3 - Woman in Islam
4 - Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him ) the messenger of God
5 - My First Step In Islam

General features include:
1 . Add a bookmark.
2 . Add to Favorites a paragraph.
3 . Write your note.
4 . Colored Highlight to a paragraph.
5 . Copy paragraph.
6 . Fast searching.
7 .A paragraph can be published through social networking sites or e-mail or short messages.
8 . Automatic scrolling
9 . Much more…!

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