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  • Ali Ateeq Al-Zaheri English

  • Mohammed A. Al-Abdulhay English

    Mohammed A. Al-Abdulhay is a petroleum engineer working at Saudi Aramco. He has over 6-years dawah experience. He attended more than 20 dawah courses that have sharpened his dawah skills and promoted his communication art. Mohammed is a certified presenter of Islam (BCII), and he is a member of online dialogue to present Islam. He is also an active volunteer at Ahsa Islamic center especially dawah field activities as he delivered many speeches about Islam among non-Muslims. Mohammed is a facilitator of a new workshop titled ‘6-Bulb Technique for Dawah’ which intends to motivate and inspire Muslims to invite non-Muslims to Islam nicely and wisely. The workshop has been delivered several times in Arabic and English.

  • Mohammed bin Ibrahim Al-Luhaidan English

    He is an Imam in Albawardi in Aziziyah, Riyadh from 1425H. A judge in the city of the Prophet.

  • Rashid Bin Hadi Al-Masradi English

  • Islamic Perspective on Sex
  • Assim Al-Hakeem English

  • Nabeel Bin Abdul Raheem Al-Rafai English

    He was born in Jeddah and educated in different universities and now he is Imam and Khateeb in masjid Taqwah on Tahliyah street.

  • Abdullah Taha Serbel English

    A very well known Imam and Khateeb in masjid Umm Al-Momineen.

  • Sheeraaz Abdul Rahman Tahir English

    He is Sheeraaz Abdul Rahman Tahir bin Hasan Al-Kufi Al-Kurdi Al-Shaafai from North Iraq. He was the Imam of many mosques in Iraq, Yemen and Emirates.

  • Sahih al-Bukhari
  • Ahmad Al-Haddad English

    He is an Egyptian reciter, who was graduated from university of Azher with the highest degree and has many Ijazah's.

  • Yasir Abdullah Al-Qurashi English

    An Egyptian reciter, who is an Imam and Khateeb of masjid Al-Reem.

  • Yusuf bin Abdullah Al-Shuwaei English

    He is an Imam in Amir Abdullah bin Mohammad mosque in Riyadh.

  • Mohammad Al-Kantawi English

    He is one of the famous reciter in Morocco.

  • Muhammad the Messenger of Allah (Peace Be upon Him)
  • Tazi Mohammad Shabone English

    A reciter from Morocco.

  • Mohammad Shabaan Abu Qarn English

    He was Egyptian reciter, born in year 1984, he was graduated from Islamic university of Azher in Quran, tajweed and took many Ijazahs in Qiraat.

  • Fouaad Al-Khameri English

    He was original Yamani reciter and Imam and Khateeb of Khalid Bin Waleed mosque in Qater.

  • Aziz Alili English

    He was an original Bosnian reciter and Imam of big mosque.

  • Explanation of the Last Tenth of the Quran Followed By Rulings that Concern Every Muslim
  • Mohammad Usman Khan English

    A teacher of Hadith in Darul Uloom, India, he was in-charge of scholars organisation of India.

  • Imad Zuhair Hafiz English

    He was Imad Zuhair Hafiz from Madinah, graduated with PHD from Madinah university in Tafseer and was Imam and Khateeb in Masjid Aqsa and also in Prophet's mosque. A well known reciter.

  • Jazaa Bin Faleeh Al-Suwailih English

    He was Jazaa Bin Faleeh Al-Suwailih from Kuwait in year 1969, he was one of the famous reciter of Kuwait and he graduated from the college of Islamic Law in Kuwait. He became a teacher of Quran and Tajweed.

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  • Yahya Ahmad Al-Hulaily English

    He is Shaikh Yahya Ahmad Al-Hulaily from Yamen born in 1952. He graduated from a well known university in Yemen as an excellent reciter, then he became a lecturer, Imam and Khateeb. He participated in many Quran competitions.

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