Realizing the purpose of life in Corona times

Author : Faten Sabri


An English translation of a useful booklet; it's aim is to prove the human weakness compared to creatures that surround him including microorganisms, which can defeat the human through deadly diseases, along with determining the human's fate by God's will. All this motivates the person's primitiveness to search about the secrets of these powers, including searching about who stands behind this nature that has the purpose of spreading the goodness and bliss and pushing the evil away from the human. The booklet also uses evidence to prove that the human being in this generation, and after the appearance of materialistic science, was able to use it to find out about laws that control nature. In addition, the message that is revealed from this affliction is that religion cannot be replaced with materialistic science because science and religion are two different concepts that are understood differently. This can be compared to an author and a writer. The Creator provided science laws, and science itself is not a replacement. Finding out about the book does not refute the author's existence.