Let the Bible Speak


A book in English in which its author wrote in his introduction, "After reading the Bible carefully and completely, I found it containing the following texts: (1) False texts abusing the attributes of God, (2) False texts abusing the Prophets, falsely accusing them of adultery, fornication and idol-worshiping, (3) Obscene tales full of graphic physical details, and (4) Strange stories, such as the story of the trees that called for an election among all trees to select the president among them. Still there are many who know nothing about these things. The reason may be: (1) The mere length of the Biblical, more than 3000 pages, which makes it difficult for most people to read, (2) The fact that many Christians do not read the Bible but claim it only as a matter of tradition, and (3) The activities of priests who only read to people what they choose for them to know.

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