An Explanation of The Last tenth Application

An Explanation of The Last tenth Applicatio

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1.Verses and hadiths concerning the virtues of the Qur’an, reciting it and reflecting upon it.
2.The last three juz of the Qur’an which most Muslims focus on, by reading and memorizing them.
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1.Verses and hadiths concerning the virtues of the Qur'an, reciting it and reflecting upon it.

2.The last three juz of the Qur'an which most Muslims focus on, by reading and memorizing them.

3.The tafseer of these chapters. This is because completely benefitting from them cannot be achieved except through knowing the meanings, which leads to understanding and acting upon them.

4.Clarifying the Muslim's creed by two ways: a. Question and answer method, with clear, brief answers to sixty questions concerning the most important issues of the Islamic creed. b. Using dialogue and storytelling in the topic “A Composed Dialogue".

5.The pillars of Islam starting with the two testimonies of faith, then rulings related to purification and prayer, and then zakah (obligatory charity), fasting and hajj.

6.Since we mentioned in the questions of creed the prohibition of visiting magicians and sorcerers, and to complete the benefit, we've mentioned the lslamic alternative for that, which is ruqya (legal incantations), so that the Muslim may turn to Allah in all of his affairs. After that we mentioned the characteristics of magicians and sorcerers, so that one can distinguish between them and a righteous person, since many magicians deceive people with their false appearance of righteousness.

7.Since we mentioned in the issues related to creed the prohibition of supplicating and asking the dead people in the grave and the so-called 'saints' instead of Allah, we have mentioned the correct alternative for that which is the legitimate supplications that have been narrated from the Prophet, peace be upon him. We also mentioned the causes for one's supplication to be answered and the barriers that may prevent it from being answered. We also mentioned examples of supplications narrated from the prophet, peace be upon him. After that we discussed the remembrance of Allah, the benefits of it and its virtues while mentioning some of the narrated supplications.

8.A summary of more than seventy topics about righteous deeds from the book “Riyad as-Saaliheen" (The Gardens of the Righteous) in a brief chart. We mentioned the righteous deed with an authentic hadith mentioning its virtue. We also mentioned in brief more than sixty topics dealing with prohibited actions and the proofs for that.

9.A brief topic about man's journey from after his death until the Hereafter, and what events await him until he reaches his final destination in paradise or hellfire.

10.An illustrated guide on how to perform ablution and prayer with some common mistakes concerning that.