God’s Preservation of the Sunnah


1-The following series of articles discusses the means used throughout
history to ensure that the Sunnah, or teachings of Prophet Muhammad, remained authentically preserved and free from alteration and interpolation. Part One: The warning given by the Prophet to those who say things about him which are untrue, and the companions understanding of this warning.
2-Part Two: Were the sayings of the Prophet (hadeeth) written during his life and immediately after his
3-Part Three: The importance and history of the Isnad from the earliest years.
4-Part Four: The practice of mentioning the Isnad and its preservation since the early years.
5- Part Five: Early Hadeeth Criticism and Evaluation of Narrators.
6-The importance given to attaining knowledge in Islam leads many Muslims to undertake long journeys in order to collect and confirm the sayings and actions of the Prophet Muhammad.
7-The safeguarding and time sequence relating to preservation of the Sunnah and it’s comparison with the preservation of other religious scriptures, noticeably the Torah and the Gospels.

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