Reasons to Embrace Islam


This booklet clarifies reasons to embrace Islam despite many misconceptions about Islam and Muslims. This is because they liberated their minds from the chains of misconceptions and search for the truth from inside Islam. They embrace Islam because they found the real spiritual nourishment in the teaching of Islam such as the following: 1) The Oneness of Allah, the unique message of Islam. 2) The Holly Qur'an, the authentic guidance from Allah. 3) The Prophet Muhammad, the true messenger of Allah to mankind. 4) Equality, Solidarity, and Good Conduct in Islam. 5) Woman Status in Islam. 6) The Qur'an and Modern Science. This booklet will explain these major reasons. Then it will describe how to embrace Islam, how to perform prayers and other types of worship after embracing Islam, and what benefits you get in this life and in the hereafter.

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