Misconceptions about Islam


This booklet addresses the following most raised misconceptions about Islam: Misconceptions about Islamic Creed. Misconceptions about the Qur'an. Misconceptions about the Prophet Muhammad. Misconceptions about Woman in Islam. Misconceptions about Legal Penalties (Hudud) . Misconceptions about Muslims and Human rights. Misconceptions about Jihad (Holy War) . These misconceptions were refuted using evidences from the Holy Qur'an, the authentic Sunnah, the previous scriptures (the Bible), Muslim scholars, and non-Muslim researchers. The aim of refuting these misconceptions is to clarify the truth thus they do not avert non-Muslims from embracing Islam, or at least we remove Islam phobia from their hearts. Also refuting these misconceptions can be useful for Muslims especially the preachers to Islam to clarify the truth to the non-Muslims when they call them to Islam.