Dialogue with a Christian


This booklet presents a suppositional dialogue between a Muslim and a Christian. It starts with a question from the Muslim to the Christian about the meaning of "Christianity". The Christian said that Christianity is the teaching of the Christ. Then the Muslim asked about the Christ, who is he? The Christian answered that the Christ is God and Son of God and he brought some divine qualities for the Christ to support his claim. Then the Muslim nullified the Christian's claim with evidences from the Bible of Christians, from the Holly Qur'an. After a long dialogue the Muslim convinced the Christian that God is One Who has the right to be worshipped, and Who Has the creation, command and kingdom. And the Christ is not but God's slave and messenger to convey His messages to the children of Israel and to give glad tiding about Muhammad as a messenger to come after him peace be upon them. At the end the Christian was convinced and he embraced Islam. Praise be to Allah by His grace good deeds are fulfilled.