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    Du’a. Why we make du’a, how we make du’a and how we can better this du’a that we make with Allah. Talking about this topic through a very important story in the Qur’an, that is the story of Adam and his encounter with Iblees in Paradise. This story is a story that is of crucial importance and that is why Allah mentions it more than ten times in the Qur’an and he mentions it right at the very beginning of the Qur’an. This story teaches us the essence of how to make du’a, and why we make du’a and the ettiquettes of making du’a.

  • Reviewing : Safi Othman

    Statement of the importance of supplication and weapon of momin.

  • Writer : Safi Othman

    Talk in a brief statement of his home to pray for and importance of person Momin.

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    Writer : Muhammad Yousf Reviewing : N. Tamkeni

    The Importance of Dua and Its Conditions: This brief article in The Light of Glorious Quran and The Sunnah explains the readers, How a person repents from His Lord? and How Allah (SWA) accepts his repentance?

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    Lecturer : Alodeen Bazetch

    Supplication is the path of salvation,the stair to reaching,the demand of the learned,the mount of the righteous,the refuge of the oppressed and the shelter of the week.Through it graces are acquired and resentment is removed. What is the great need of slaves to it as they can’t do without it.Supplication is the most beneficial cure and the enemy of trial preventing its occurance or lessening it

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    Folded papers prepared by the scientific department of Dar Al Watan includes the virtue of supplication,periods and places in which supplication is recommended and some of the mistakes done during supplication

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    Lecturer : Ihsan Elahe Thaheir

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