• Russian

    Writer : Muhammad Salih

    An article in Russian talks about the caliphate era of Omar ibn Al-Khattab regarding his internal and external policies.

  • Persian


    Era in History: This book tackled one of the most important periods in our long Islamic history, from the prophet's death (peace be upon him) to Al-Husain's murder in 61H. (may Allah be pleased with him). The author divided the book into an introduction and three sections. In the introduction, he discussed three important points, how to read history, to whom should we read?, and some means used by the historians to distort history. In the first section, he narrated the historical events from the prophet's death to 61 H. In the second section, he discussed the Companions' uprightness along with mentioning the most important misconceptions aroused on them, while clarifying the correct opinion. In the third chapter, he discussed the caliphate issue and the Shiite's evidences on Ali's right for caliphate rather than Abu Bakr, Omar and Othman (may Allah be pleased with them).

  • Urdu


    Lecturer : Ihsan Elahe Thaheir