Corona virus

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In light of the late Coronavirus pandemic, which has heavily caused huge losses among the world population and the global finance, three Islamic practical precautions emerge to the surface proving its functionality during crisis. The first one is to refrain from eating what God has forbidden of some wild animals which is proven to be the source of the virus. Secondly, personal hygiene which Islam has excessively promoted during one's course of life. For instance, daily ablution is a repeated act every Muslim is required to do prior to praying. As scientifically confirmed, regular cleaning of the hands is effectively crucial in slowing down the infection among individuals. The third precaution is social distancing. Negating such a procedural precaution has resulted in the rapid spread of the virus across the world. Prophet Muhammad - peace and blessings be upon him - said : ( If you hear of a plague in a land, don’t enter it. And if you’re in a plagued land, don’t flee it ). This saying supports the concept of ( quarantine ) as a strategic methodology to contain the virus. Furthermore, Islam passionately offers generous condolences to the infected ones through the tremendous rewards they will earn. For the deceased ones, they’re considered martyrs in the Islamic perspective according to an authenticated saying of prophet Muhammad PBUH.

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