Dua to Literally Boost Your Energy


A short lecture in English in which Mr. Majed Mahmoud mentions a supplication that helps us boost our energy. In Sahih Bukhari that the companion Ali narrated that Fatima went to the Prophet to complain of the effect of the grinding-stone on her hand, as she had heard that he had acquired some slaves, but did not find him, so she mentioned the matter to ‘A'isha. When he came ‘A'isha informed him. ‘Ali said: He visited us when we had gone to bed, and when we were about to get up he told us to stay where we were. He then came and sat down between her and me, and I felt the coldness of his foot on my belly. He then said, “Let me guide you to something better than what you have asked. When you go to bed, say, ‘Glory be to God thirty-three times, Praise be to God thirty-three times, and God is most great thirty-four times.' That will be better for you than a servant.”

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