86 - At-Taariq ()


(1) By the sky and the Nightcomer!

(2) What will make you realize what the Nightcomer is?

(3) The star shining [before dawn]!

(4) Each soul has a guardian [set up] over it,

(5) so let everyman notice what he has been created from.

(6) He was created from a fluid ejected

(7) from between his backbone and his ribs.

(8) He is Able to revive him

(9) on a day when secrets will be tested;

(10) so he will have no strength [left] nor any supporter.

(11) By the sky with its cycle,

(12) by the earth cracking open,

(13) it is a decisive statement!

(14) It is no joke.

(15) They are hatching some plot

(16) while I too am hatching a plot;

(17) so put up with disbelievers; put up with them as long as you can!