The Muslim’s Treasure The Virtue of Giving Da’wah ()


One of the most important priorities in our time is to increase the number of callers, those who call Muslims to align on the straight path and calling Non-Muslims to Islam. We can give them the keys and skills and give them the avenues to call to Islam.


 The Muslim’s Treasure

               The Virtue of Giving Da’wah

Written by: Jotiar Bamarni

Translated by: Mahmoud Osman, Celeste Yarrell, and Imaan Muhammad

Rights of the publications to every Muslim:

May Allah have mercy upon those who publish, copy, translate, or circulate the means of obtaining this work. May Allah the most high grant much good, greatness, and steadfasteness upon Islam and the Sunnah.

For those seeking a distribution of copies or translations of this book to other languages for the benefits of the calling to Allah, contact via email:

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Second Edition 2019

NEW CENTURY for media and publishing

You are a candidate to be one of the callers to the way of Islam (Da’aees)

Nothing motivates one to take action in calling to the way of Allah may he be exalted like having the desire in your heart to spread goodness, and you have already achieved a big part of that with proof by beginning to read this book. So, now you are nominated to become a caller in the way of Allah and the possibility that thousands, no rather millions become Muslims due to your Da’wah. If you have the desire in your heart to please Allah and the strong desire to strive in the way of Allah..for who? Picture you are calling to the way of Allah and not to self or a party or a group or a sheikh or business. For, it is a great gain with Allah and there are only profits and no losses.