The Return of Jesus


:This article consists of five parts, which
1-Similarities and differences about the second coming of Jesus between Christians and Muslims. The Messiah at the end of times according to Judaism.
2- The prophecies and portents in Islam of the descent of Jesus in the Quran and the prophetic narrations.
3-The context of Jesus’ second coming, the trials and tribulations before it, the rise of the Mahdi and the advent of Maseeh ad-Dajjal (the False Messiah), and Jesus’ role killing him.
4- After the False Messiah; the annulment of the false religions of the people of the book, the establishment of God’s nation under Jesus, and the invasion of the Gog and Magog.
5- The end of Gog and Magog, followed by peace and plenty, a world without war, the universality of God’s True Religion, and the death of Jesus.