The Rights of Non-Muslims in Islam


:Article thirteen part talking about the rights of non-Muslims in Islam and where
1-The tenets of the religion which ensure the general rights of non-Muslims in Islam.
2-he types of non-Muslim societies in an Islamic nation, and an introduction to general rights of non-Muslims in Islam.
3- The right of non-Muslims to preservation of their human dignity with discussion of historical precedents and textual evidence.
4- Islam gives members of other faiths the right to practice their faiths. A historical analysis of Islamic principle of ‘No compulsion in religion.’
5-The right of non-Muslims to follow their own laws and are not under compulsion to follow Islamic Law.
6-Examples of Islamic justice towards non-Muslims and justice as a right.
7-Protection of life, property, and honor of non-Muslims under Islamic Law.
8-Receiving good treatment is the right of a non-Muslim under Islam, not just a matter of courtesy.
9-Poor and needy non-Muslims have the right to social security under Islamic Law. Examples from history where non-Muslims were provided from the public treasury.
10-The right of non-Muslims to be protected against outside aggression in return for paying jizya