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    Allah Almighty ordered all his servants to enter Islam and adhering to it and warned them of disobeying him. Also he sent His messenger to call to this. Allah told us that the one who follows him is the rightly guided and the one who turns away from his call goes astray. He warned us in many ayahs of apostasy, polytheism and disbelief.

  • Bosnian

    Author : Abdur-Rahman Abdul-Khaliq Translation : Abu AbdulSalam

    It was reported about the doctor that he said that Ibn Araby in his book’’Fusos Al Hokam"( Stones Of Judgment) was a great scholar and of high knowledge.But when he searched and examined by himself,he found that he is something different.And since what was said about Ibn Araby at the beginning by the doctor was in a public conference,so we liked to state the correction of his words to avoid ignorants of going astray