Important book the author says in his introduction "Here I reproduce all these facts as deduced from one of the most important books of the Shi’a, upon which they rely heavily to prove their faith. I appeal to every Shi’a to look into these facts with all sincerity and justice and to give his judgement after that about his faith and his attribution to it. If his judgement is in favor of his religion and the soundness of its attribution to it, he could carry on with his beliefs. On the contrary, if he comes to conclude that his belief is totally false and all what is attributed towards it is abhorrent, it becomes incumbent upon every Shi’a in order to be sincere to himself and to seek his salvation to abandon it, and absolve himself from it and let himself be accommodating to what has been accepted by the millions of the Muslims i.e. the book of Allah and the Sunnah of his Messenger (SAS)."

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In the name of Allah, Most beneficient, Most merciful.

In the name of Allah, with all praises to Allah and peace and blessings upon the Messenger of Allah, our Prophet Muhammad, his progeny  and his companions.

Truly speaking, I did not know much about the Shi’a (little group also known as the “group of the family of the house”) except that they were one of the Muslim groups who show excessive love towards the family of the prophet and defend them. Also I knew they oppose Ahl-us Sunnah in some minor issues of Shari’a, because of their interpretations, either very simple or very complicated . This is why I used to be very irritated or even very hurt when I saw some of our brothers labeling them as sinful or going astray, out of the fold of Islam. But it was not long before one of the brothers pointed out to me that I should look in one of their books in order to be able to reach the correct verdict about them. The choice was the book Al-Kafi, which is the basis of their belief to prove their religion. After going through this book. I came to know facts based upon knowledge, which led me to excuse all those brothers who took my leniency towards them as a mistake, and refused to accept my compromising approach towards them which I had hoped would remove the hostility which has existed undoubtedly between Ahl-us Sunnah and this faction which attributes itself to Islam, either truly or falsely.

Here I reproduce all these facts as deduced from one of the most important books of the Shi’a, upon which they rely heavily to prove their faith. I appeal to every Shi’a to look into these facts with all sincerity and justice and to give his judgement after that about his faith and his attribution to it. If his judgement is in favor of his religion and the soundness of its attribution to it, he could carry on with his beliefs. On the contrary, if he comes to conclude that his belief is totally false and all what is attributed towards it is abhorrent, it becomes incumbent upon every Shi’a in order to be sincere to himself and to seek his salvation to abandon it, and absolve himself  from it and let himself be accommodating to what has been accepted by the millions of the Muslims i.e. the book of Allah and the Sunnah of his Messenger (SAS).

 In addition, I leave to the shelter of Allah, every Muslim to whom the truth is exposed. But if he insists on sticking to the falsehood either because of stubborness, blind following, tribal prejudice or to protect a worldly gain and prefers to live in deception and hypocrisy, subjecting this not only on himself but on his children, his brothers and the generations to come after him. Then by doing so he would be turning them from the truth by his falsehood and distancing them from the Sunnah with his innovation, and from the true Islam by his evil way.

I present to you, O’ Shi’a, these facts which are the basis of your religion and your faction as concocted, for you and the generations before you, by some criminal hand and some evil vicious souls to distance you and your people from Islam in the name of Islam, and from the truth in the name of the truth.

Here are seven facts, O’ Shi’a, as contained in the book “Al-Kafi” which is the basis of your belief and a source of Shi’aism. Please look into it and think about it. I pray to Allah Almighty to show you the truth as it is and to help you joining it and to enable you to absorb it. Indeed there is none to be worshipped except Him. And there is no one capable except him.

 The First Fact

Substituting the Quran by Shi’a and Ahl-al-Bait with the previous divine scriptures like Zabur, Taurat and the Gospels.

This fact is confirmed by the following saying in the first chapter of “Al-Kafi” :

“The Imams (peace be upon them) have all those books which were revealed by Allah Almighty. They know them all inspite of the difference in their languages.” He quotes two Hadith attributed to Abu Abdullah in this regard saying that he used to read the Injil (Gospels), Taurat and Zabur in Syriac language.

The motive of the author by mentioning this fact is well-known. He wants to prove that Ahl-ul-Bait including their followers could dispense with Al-Quran by their knowledge of the previous scriptures.

This is indeed a great step to separate Shi’a from Islam and the Muslims as there is no doubt that the one who believes to dispense with Al-Quran in any way comes out of the fold of Islam leaving the Muslims community aside.

Is it not a disliking of the Quran which unites the Muslim Ummah with its faith, its rulings and its manners and turns it into one single Ummah. Is it not a disliking of the Quran to study the books which had been interpolated and abrogated and to care for them and act upon them? Is it not disliking of the Quran considered as Kufr and desertion of Islam?

How could the ruitation of these abrogated and interpolated books be allowed while the prophet (may peace and blessing of Allah be upon him) rebuked ‘Umar bin al-Khattab when he saw him with a peace of paper from Taurat in his hand and said “Did I not bring it to you clean and shining? If the Prophet (SAS) did not like for Umar to even glance it that piece of paper from Taurat, how could one of Ahl-ul-Bait, clean and pure, gather all the previous scriptures and read them in different languages ? Why ? Is it for a need or for something else he meant out of them ? Infact it is neither . It is a fabrication devised by the propagators of falsehood against the family of the Messenger of Allah, the creator of the worlds in order to destroy Islam and the Muslims.

To sum up, every Shi’a should know that to believe in dispensing with the Quran which is the book of Allah, preserved in the hearts & minds of the Muslims, a book from which not a single letter has been removed added nor is possible to do such a thing because Allah Almighty has pledged to preserve it by saying.

" إنا نَحنُ نَزَّلنَا الذِكرَ وَإناَ لَهُ لَحَافِظُونَ "

 “We have, without doubt, sent down the Message; And we will assuredly guard it (from corruption), (15:9);

It is the same as when it was revealed to the heart of the master of the Messengers by Jibril, the most trust worthey; and it is the same as it was recited by the Messenger of Allah (SAS) and taken from him by thousands of companions and later recited after them by millions of Muslims successively till our present day. To believe in dispensing with it, or a part of it in any way is no more than deserting Islam and abandoning it completely. Such a person has nothing to do with Islam or Muslims.

 The Second Fact

To believe that no one from among the companions of the Prophet (SAS) collected the Quran or committed it to memory except ‘Ali and Imam’s of Ahl-ul-Bait.

The author of “Al-Kafi” confirmed this belief by saying: Jabir said: I heard Abu Jafar, peace be upon him, saying: who- ever claims that he has collected the whole Quran is a liar. No one collected it and preserved it except Ali bin Abi Talib and Imams after him.” (2)

Now O Shi’a, may Allah guide me and you to his true religion and his straight path, you should know that such a belief that no one from among the Muslims collected the Quran or preserved it except the Imams of Ahl-ul-Bait is a false belief. The motive of the fabricator of this belief is to label all Muslims other than Ahl-ul-Bait and their supporters as Kafir. Is there anything more corrupted, vain and evil than this ? We seek refuge with Allah Almighty from such a belief. It implies the following :

1)              To render as liar everyone who claimed to have memorized the book of Allah in his chest or collected together his own copy  would include the Likes of Uthman, Ubayy bin Ka’b, Zaid bin Thabit, Abdullah bin Masoud and hundreds of the companions of the Messenger of Allah (SAS). To derry them means that they were sinful and devoid of trustworthiness. The pious household of the Prophet (Ahl-ul-Bait) could never say such a malicious thing. It could only be uttered by the enemies of Islam and opponents of the Muslims aiming at creating trouble and dissention.

2)              This belief would render all Muslims as deviant and misguide except for the Shi’a of Ahl-ul-Bait, because any person who acts only upon a part of the Quran leaving the rest is undoubtedly a Kafir and deviant, since he did not worship Allah Almighty with all of what is required by the Shari’a. The reason behind this is that some parts of the Quran consist beliefs while other define forms of worship, Islam rulings and mannerisms any of which may have been missed by the Muslims.

3)              To have such a belief means to falsify Allah Almighty for his saying:

" إنا نَحنُ نَزَّلنَا الذِكرَ وَإناَ لَهُ لَحَافِظُونَ "

“We have, without doubt, sent down the message; and we will assuredly guard it from corruption.” (15:9).

To falsify Allah is indeed no more than Kufr.

4)              Is it allowed for Ahl-ul-Bait to confire the book of Allah for themselves, leaving all the Muslims aside except for those they want from among their own followers. Is it not but hoarding the mercy of Allah or usurping it. Should Ahu-ul-Bait be not away from such thing? O Allah, we know that the household of your Messenger are innocent of this lie. O Allah, curse those who fabricated this lie against them.

5)              This belief implies that the group of Shi’a are the people of truth alone who abide by it because they, according to their belief, have the most perfect copy of the book of Allah with them, through it they worship Allah with all forms of the Sharia whereas all other Muslims are deviant because they have lost a major portion of the book of Allah and missed a lot of guidance contained therein.

O’ Shi’a, such nonsense is not befitting for a wise person let alone someone attributing himself to Islam or Muslims. The Messenger of Allah did not die but after Allah Almighty has completed revealing his book and explaining it perfectly. Furthermore the Muslims have memorized it in their hearts and preserved it in writing. It has spread far and wide and was preserved by the common folk as well as the dignitary. In this regard, Ahl-ul-Bait were not different from other Muslims at all. So it is surprising to say that no one collected the Quran or preserved it except Ahl-ul-Bait? Anyone who claims it is a liar.

Don’t you see that if such a person is confronted and asked to produce some Surah or even one Surah peculiar to Ahl-ul-Bait only, how embarrassing would be his position? Glory to thee, O’ Allah, this is a most serious slander!

 The Third Fact

That Ahl-ul-Bat and their supporters used to possess a number of signs given to the Prophets like the rock and the staff at the exclusion of  all other Muslims.

The evidence to this fact is the following report given by the author of Al-Kafi:

On the authority of Abu Basir who reported from Abu Ja’far (A.S) saying: The Amir of the believers (A.S) came out in a dark night saying: “Hamhama, Hamhama, dark  is the night, The Imam has come out, on him is Adam’s Shirt, in his hand is Sulaiman’s ring and Musa’s staff!”

He also mentioned his saying reported by Abu Hamza that Abu Abdullah (A.S) said: “I heard him saying: we have the tablets of Musa and his staff and we are the inheritors of the Prophets”.

O’ Shi’a ! This belief implicates you in some very abhorrent matters that you should be wise enough to absolve yourself from them let alone recognizing them. They are as follow :

1)              Falsifying Ali (RA) in his saying when he was asked: Did the Messenger of Allah (SAS) give you - the people of the household- any thing specifically? He said: “No, except what is in the scabbard of my sword.” Then he brought out a paper on which four matters had been written as transmitted by the traditionalists like Bukhari and Muslim.

2)              By attributing this saying to Ali (RA) a lie is fabricated upon him.

3)              One cannot resist despising a person with such a belief which also shows his lack of understanding, low level of his wisdom and his disrespect for his own self. Because if he is asked : where is the ring or the staff or the tablets for example, he would have nothing to answer nor to produce anyone of these things. This shows that the whole story is a fabricated one. To be more explicit, it may be said that if the story was true why did Ahl-ul-Bait not use these signs like the staff and the ring to destroy their enemies and annihilate tham as they had been subjected to a lot of persecution and trouble by them?

4)              The objective behind this sheer lie is none but to prove that Shi’a are the only guided ones whereas all other Muslims are deviant. By such beliefs they want to maintain the Shi’a religion as a separate entity from the main body of the Muslims Ummah in order to allow the leaders of this group as well as their followers with corrupt intentions and evil motives, to survive on the expense of destroying Islam and disuniting the Muslim Ummah. If this belief leads to such corruption and evil, then woe to such a belief and to the one who believes in it or agrees to it.

 The Fourth Fact

To believe that Ahl-ul-Bait and their followers (Shi’a) have all the Divine and Prophetic knowledges to the exclusion of all other Muslims.

The evidence of this is the following report of the author of Al-Kafi :

Abu Basir said that I came to Abu Abdullah (A.S) and said to him: May I be thy ransom! Your followers (i.e. Shi’a) tell one another that the Messenger of Allah (SAS) taught Ali (AS) one thousand gates of knowledge that lead to another one thousand gates. Hearing this he said: O Abu Muhammad! The Messenger of Allah (SAS) taught Ali (AS) a thousand gates; each one of them opens to another thousand gates.

I said: This is for that.

Then he said: O’ Abu Muhammad! We have Al-Jamia (the collector) and do they know what Al-Jamia is?

I said: May I be thy ransom! What is Al-Jamia?

He said: A scripture with the length of seventy cubits according to the cubits of the prophet (SAS). He dictated it from his own mouth. Ali has recorded with his own hand every Halal and Haram and everything needed by the people even the price of blood and scratches.

I said: This by Allah is the knowledge.

He said: Indeed it is the knowledge but not only that. Then he bowed his head down for a while and then said: We have Al-Jafar (divination) as well and do they know what Al-Jafar is? He said: A leather utensil which contains the knowledge of the Prophet, the testaments, of those scholars of the Israelites who have passed.

I said: Indeed this is the knowledge.

He said: it is Indeed the knowledge but not only that. Then he kept quite for a while then he said: ‘And we have the Mushaf (scripture) of Fatima (AS) as well and do they know what the Mushaf of Fatima is?’

I said: And what is the Mushaf of Fatima?

He said: A Mushaf which contains three times more than your Quran. By Allah, it has not a single letter of your Quran.

I said: Surely it is the knowledge. He said: Yes it is the Knowledge but not only that. Then he kept quiet for a while and then said: ‘And we have the knowledge of the past and of what is going to happen till the Hour.

The real outcome of this false belief is none but the following:

1)              To dispense with the book of Allah which is a clear infidelity (Kufr).

2)              To believe that Ahl-ul-Bait have specifically such knowledges which other Muslims do not possess which is a complete mis- trust attributed to the Prophet (SAS) and such an attribution to the Prophet (SAS) is no doubt a Kufr as well.

3)              To falsify Ali (RA) in his most authentic saying that the Prophet (SAS) did not give Ahl-ul-Bait anything exclusively. To speak a lie upon Ali is Haram just as it is upon  any other person.

4)              To speak a lie upon the Messenger of Allah (SAS); is one of the major sins and one of the vicious ones to Allah as the Prophet (SAS) has said: “To lie upon me is not like lying upon anyone of you. Let the person who lies upon me intentionally, enter into the Hell Fire.”

5)              A lie upon Fatima (RA) by attributing such a Mushaf to her which is three times bigger than the Quran but has not a single letter of it.

6)              A person of such belief can not be from among the Muslims nor he could be considered one of them as he claims to have such knowledge and guidance, which no Muslim can share at all.

7)              Lastly could such indecent speech or blatant lies be allowed to be attributed to Islam, the Deen of Allah other than which none is acceptable.

"ومن  يبتغ غير الإسلام دينا فلن يقبل منه

وهو في الآخرة من الخاسرين " (آل عمران :85)

“If anyone desire a religion other than Islam (submission to Allah), never will it be accepted of him; and in the Hereafter he will be in the ranks of those who have lost.” (Al-Imran, Verse: 85).

If that is the case then O’ Shi’a, let us save ourselves from this grant precipice.

O Allah! We absolve ourselves from what these liers invented  against you, your Messenger and your purified household have done to mislead your slaves, to spoil your religion and to let your Prophet’s Ummah fall apart completely.

 The Fifth Fact

To believe that Musa Al-Kazim has ransomed himself for the sake of Shi’a.

The author of Al-Kafi mentioned this fact by saying that Abu al-Hasan Musa Al-Kazim the seventh Imam among the Shi’a Ithna A’shariyya (the twelve Imams) said:

Allah Almighty became angry upon Shi’a. So he gave me a choice between myself and themselves. So I saved them by offering myself.

Now O’ Shi’a! What does this story imply, in which you are forced to believe and verify literally.

It means that Musa Al-Kazim (May Allah have mercy upon him) was pleased to kill himself as a ransom for his followers; so that Allah may forgive them and enter them into the paradise without any accounting.

Consider O’ Shi’a – may Allah guide me and yourself to all those beliefs, sayings and deeds which He likes – this is a lie nothing but a lie, as it has nothing to do with the truth nor with reality. Consider it carefully as it implicates the believer in a number of serious matters, which you would never like to attribute to yourself as long as you are pleased with Allah or the creator; with Islam as the religion and with Muhammad as Prophet and Messenger. These matters are as follows:

1)              Lying about Allah Almighty that He revealed to Musa Al-Kazim that He was angry with Shi’a and that He gave a choice between himself and his followers and that he offered himself as ransom for them . Verily, this is a mere lie related to Allah Almighty who says:

 "ومن أظلم ممن افترى على الله كذباً"

   (سورة الأنعام) : 93)  

“Who can be more wicked than one who inventeth a lie against Allah” (Al-An’am, Verse: 93)

2)              Lying about Musa Al-Kazim (May Allah have mercy upon him) and slandering him of such a great caulamny from which he is totally innocent.

3)              Believing that Musa Al-Kazim (May Allah have mercy upon him) was a Prophet. By Allah, he was neither a Prophet nor a Messenger. Does the claim of the imposter that Allah told Musa Al-Kazim about His anger with Shi’a; that He gave him a choice between himself and his followers, to which he chose his followers and was pleased to be killed as a ransom for them, not imply very clearly the Prophet- hood of Musa Al-Kazim?

It is well-known that there is a consensus among the Muslims that anyone who believes in the Prophet- hood of a person after the Prophet Muhammad (SAS) is a Kafir in accordance with the saying of Allah, the Glorified:

"ما كان محمد أبا أحد من رجالكم ولكن

رسول الله وخاتم النبيين" (سورة الأحزاب:40)

“Muhammad is not the father of any of your men, but (he is) the messenger of Allah, and the seal of the Prophets”.(Al-Ahzab,Verse:40).

4)              It seems that the Shi’a and the Christians agree with each other about the dogma of crucifiction and redemption. The Christian believe that ‘Isa (Jesus) ransomed himself for the sake of  mankind, having agreed to crucifiction to redeem the sins of mankind and to save them from Divine wrath and punishment. Similarly the Shi’a believe that Allah gave Musa Al-Kazim a choice between the complete annihilation of his followers or his own death. So he agreed to be killed thus saving the Shi’a from Divine wrath and punishment. Hence the faith of the Shi’a and the Christians is the same. Now the Christians are Kafir as explicitly mentioned in the Quran. Is a Shi’a pleased to become a Kafir after having a faith ?

A Poet says:

“They have prepared you for a matter (very serious), would that you be aware of it. Be careful to pasture with camels let loose to pasture”.

Save yourself O’ Shi’a and absolve yourself from all such tales and falsehood. In front of you is the straight path of Allah and the believers.

 The Sixth Fact

To believe that the Imams of Shi’a are like the Messenger of Allah (SAS) in the matters of infallibility, revelation obedience etc. except with regards to women as they are not allowed what was allowed to him (SAS).

The belief that the Imams of Shi’a have the same status as that of the messenger of Allah (SAS) has been recorded by the author of Al-Kafi through two reports:

Firstly he said: once Al-Mufaddal was with Abu-Abdullah when he said to him: May I be thy ransom, could Allah make it an obligation upon the people to obey a certain person while he conceals from him the news of the heaven?

Imam Abu Abdullah replied: No, Allah is more dignified and merciful to his people than to obligate upon them the obedience of a person while he conceals from him the news of the heaven whether in the morning or in the evening.

This report means literally that Allah Almighty obligates upon the people to obey the Imams of Shi’a just like the obedience of the Prophet (SAS); that they receive revelation from the heaven each morning and evening; and by virtue of this, they are Prophet and messengers or just like the Prophet & messenger.

To believe that there would be a Prophet after the Prophet Muhammad (SAS), to whom Allah would reveal is an act of apostasy in Islam and infidelity (KUFR) by the consensus of the Muslims.

May Allah be glorified! How does a Shi’a agree to such a fabricated belief which renders him a Kafir living away from Islam while he did not profess this type of belief except because of Imam and Islam and to remain as one of the Muslims.

O’ Allah, cut that hand of crime which has cut these people off from You and led them away from Your path.

Secondly he said: On the authority of Muhammad Ibn Salim who said: I heard Abu Abdullah, may peace be upon him, saying: “Imams are in the same rank as that of the Prophet (SAS) except that they are not Prophets and that women were not allowed to them in the same way they were allowed to the Prophet (SAS). Apart from that, they are just like the Prophet (SAS). This narration, though it appears contradictory to the previous one, is very similar to it in that it proves the infallibility of the Imams, that their obedience is obligatory and that they receive revelation. This is because once you say that Imams have the same rank as that of the Prophet except in the case of Women, you clearly believe that they receive revelation, that they are infallible; that it is an obligation to obey them and that they enjoy all those characteristics and perfection given to the prophet (SAS).

The objective behind this lie and fabrication, O Shi’a! is always the same : To separate Shi’a from the main body of Islam and Muslims in order to destroy Islam and the Muslims on the pretext that Shi’a are in no need of what is found with the Muslim Ummah. ie, they have no need for the revelation of the Holy Book and the Guidance of the Prophetic Sunnah because they themselves have the Mushaf of Fatima which excels the Quran as well as Jafar and Jami’a and the knowledges of the previous Prophets in addition to the revelation received by their infallible Imam who have the same rank as that of the Prophet (SAS) except in the issue of marrying more than four women. For this reason and others, the Shi’a have come out from the fold of Islam like a hair taken out of dough. May Allah kill that evil soul which has extracted a dear portion of the Muslim Ummah from it in the name of Islam and led away a great number of people from the path of Ahl-ul-Bait in the name of supporting Ahl-ul-Bait.

 The seventh Fact

To believe that the companions of the messenger of Allah (SAS) turned apostates and infidels after his death except for Ahl-ul-Bait and a few like Salman, ‘Ammar and Bilal.

Almost all the leaders of Shi’a, whether their scholars or jurists, agree upon this belief. Their writings and books speak clearly about this belief. No one among them abandoned annouming it except by way of Taqiyya which is also an obligation upon them.

As an evidence to this fact and as confirmation to it, we produce the following texts:

Al-Kulaini, the author of Al-Kafi, writes in his book Raudat-ul-Kafi (p. 202): on the authority of Hanan, reporting from his father, who reports from Abu Ja’far who said: people apostated after the death of the Prophet (SAS) except for three persons Al-Miqdad, Salman and Abu Dharr as mentioned in Tafsir “Al-Safi”– one of the most renowned, respected and recognized Tafsir among Shi’a- In this are collected a number of narrations which confirm the belief that the companions of the messenger of Allah apostated after his death except for Ahl-ul-Bait and a small number of people like Salman, ‘Ammar and Bilal (may Allah be pleased with them).

As for Abu Bakr and ‘Umar (May Allah be pleased with them), there are uncountable reports in Shi’a literature, which render them as infidels.

Among these reports is the one Kulaini produced in his book (p. 20): “I asked Abu Ja’far about the two Shaikhs. He said: They departed this world without repentance. They didn’t remember what they did to the Amir of the believers. So let the curse of Allah, the angels and the people be upon them!”

He says on page 107: you ask me about Abu Bakr and ‘Umar? By my life, they became hypocrites, rejected the words of Allah and mocked his messenger. They are Kafir upon whom would be the curse of Allah, the angels and the people.

O’ Shi’a! Is it reasonable to label the companions of the messenger of Allah (SAS) with Kufr and apostasy while they were his disciples, the supporters of his religion, the carriers of his Shari’a. Allah has shown his pleasure about them in his book and gave a good news of getting them into the paradise on the tongue of his Prophet (SAS). Allah, through them has protected His Religion, gave dignity to the Muslims and left their names to remain forever in the worlds till the day of Judgement.

Tell me, for God’s sake, O’ Shi’a! Was there no objective and aim behind this Takfir of the companions of the messenger of Allah (SAS), and cussing them and absolving oneself from them? Nay, there is an aim and there is an objective behind it!! That is to destroy Islam, the disputant of Judaism and Magianism and an enemy to every polytheism and idolatry!! The aim is to restore the magian Kosroas regime after that Islam has devastated its pillars and broken its thrones and left no mark of it for ever if Allah wills.

 Let us give some notes which should be enough to explain this rather than a full passage :

Was not the second caliph of the Muslims murdered by a Magain slave ? Was is not Abdullah bin Saba, a Jew, who carried the flag of Fitnah against Caliph ‘Uthman who eventually fell a victim to it. By this act, he sowed the first seed of evil and Fitnah in the Muslim land. In this cursed womb, the Satan of Shi’a was created and born, carrying the flag of two innovations: Wilaya and Imamah like two swords turned against Islam and Muslims. By calling towards Wilaya (friendship) he labeled the companions of the Prophet (SAS) as Kafir and cursed them. In addition he did not refrain from cursing and calling a Kafir anyone who showed his pleasure with them or said a word of pleasure about them like saying: may Allah be pleased with them.

By the innovation of Imamates, conspiracies were planned against the Caliphate of the Muslims, fighting among them was initiated, blood was spilled and the edifice of Islam was subjected to destruction. Islam lived like a body with dismembered organs and shaky pillars. Its enemies from within were like those from without, its rivals from those who attributed themselves were like those from amongst the infidels.

On this basis, O Shi’a, the beliefs of Shi’a were laid and its religion was created. It emerged as an independent religion from the religion of Islam. It has its own principles and theories, its own book and sunnah and its own knowledges and perceptions. If you doubt that, then go back to this treatise once again as it has covered the evidence to all what it claimed.

Had it not been a malicious motive, Wilaya would have not been meant to disunite the Muslims and to sow the seed of Fitna, evil and enemity among them.

Is it not true that the Muslims, those who deserve to be called Ahl-us-Sunnah wal Jama’a in the true sense, have not a single person among them who hates the family of the Prophet (SAS). Then why does the Shi’a faction wish to distinguish itself by the slogan of Wilaya, declaring it as their aim and objective and treating the Muslims, because of it, as an enemy. But more than that, it declares them as Kafir and curses them as elaborated previously.

As for the Imamates, would it not be a mockery or a vain thing if Islam did not allow the Muslims to choose whom they liked to rule them according to the Shari’a of their creator and the Sunnah of their Prophet? So that they select whom they like, particularly the one who is most suitable to lead them according to his abilities and qualifications!! Contrary to this, Shi’a would come and say: No, it is not going to happen the person must be a legatee, one whose name has been given; he should be infallible and the one who receives revelation.

When will the Muslims find such an Imam: It is because of this reason, the Shi’a has defaced, cursing the Muslims and opposing them?

No doubt, then, O’ Shi’a, the belief in Wilaya and Imamah was nothing but a means to mislead and deceive with the sole aim to destroy Islam and create a split among the Muslims.

So, have mercy upon yourself and liberate yourself from being a captive to this false belief and save yourself from this religion, both dark and destructive. O Shi’a! You should know that you are responsible to save yourself and your family. Begin by liberating them from the torment of Allah. Know that it could never be possible except through the correct Imam, and good actions. The correct Imam, like good actions, could only be found in the book of Allah and the Sunnah of His Messenger (SAS).

And you – as long as you are confined to the dark Shi’a prison – could never enjoy the knowledge of the correct Iman nor that of good deeds except when you flee towards the court of Ahl-us-Sunnah Wal Gama’a, where you will find the book of Allah devoid of the stains of false interpretation as willfully introduced by the Shi’a propagators in order to corrupt and mislead.

You will find the authentic Sunnah of the Prophet (SAS) devoid of any fabrication or factionalism . In this way, you can win a sound Iman, a sound Islamic creed and the good deeds as ordained by Allah, the Almighty for the people; so that He can purify them and prepare them for success and salvation.

So migrate, O’ Shia, to the spacious court of the Book of Allah and the Sunnah of His messenger (SAS), you will find space and a stronghold.

Lastly let it be known to you that I did not come forward with this advice either coveting what you or other people possess, nor fearing from you or any one else.

Nay, by Allah, it is the Islamic brotherhood, and the obligation of advising for the sake of Allah, for His Book, for His Messenger, for the Imams of the Muslims and their common folk, which led me to present to you this ADVICE. I hope that Allah may open your hearts towards it and guide you through it to where lies your happiness both in your world and in your Hereafter.

Peace be upon the Messenger and all Praises be to Allah, the creator of worlds.