Important book the author says in his introduction "Here I reproduce all these facts as deduced from one of the most important books of the Shi’a, upon which they rely heavily to prove their faith. I appeal to every Shi’a to look into these facts with all sincerity and justice and to give his judgement after that about his faith and his attribution to it. If his judgement is in favor of his religion and the soundness of its attribution to it, he could carry on with his beliefs. On the contrary, if he comes to conclude that his belief is totally false and all what is attributed towards it is abhorrent, it becomes incumbent upon every Shi’a in order to be sincere to himself and to seek his salvation to abandon it, and absolve himself from it and let himself be accommodating to what has been accepted by the millions of the Muslims i.e. the book of Allah and the Sunnah of his Messenger (SAS)."