Fragrances Emanating from Religious Sessions Short Classes On ISSUES THAT A MUSLIM SHOULD NOT BE IGNORANT OF


The author tried his best to collect what average Muslims must not be ignorant of. This included issues related to creed, rulings, morals and daily dealings. He was careful to present the material of the book in an easy style and accessible language to be understood by all people. Also, he divided it into short sessions and lessons to be easily learned and taught. It is expected that this book will be beneficial for various groups of Muslims: The Muslim family can start regular lessons in which they can read this book along with other useful books. The Imam of the mosque can teach it to the performers of prayer after prayers. The caller to Allah can include quotations from it in his preaches to guide and remind people of various important issues. School teachers can pick what suits their students from the included topics to educate them in their religion. Satellite channels and radio stations can convert its content into audio-video programs. Male and female Muslims can benefit from it by reading for themselves as well as for their relatives and colleagues.