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    Lecturere : Hatem Elhagaly Reviewing : Osama Emara

    In this video, Dr. Hatem Al-Haj illustrates some related issues to parenting children and solves some obstacles we face when doing that. Also, he gives parents some pieces of important advice in this regard.

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    Writer : Hatem Elhagaly

    In this article, Dr. Hatem Al-Haj shows that the bases of the Islamic Upbringing are: the relation with Allah, treating the human being as a whole (body and soul), moderation, knowing and respecting the capabilities of man and striking a perfect balance between the potential and goal and habits characters and personal inclinations and traits can be changed.

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    Author : Bilal Philips

    The "Islamic Studies" series of books by the prolific writer and scholar Dr. Bilal Philips are part of a meticulously written series intended to guide young Muslims in a manner that helps them acquire a thorough practical and spiritual foundation. This series have been generally acknowledged as an excellent introduction set to the principles of the Islamic faith, with core sciences discussed and explored, for both the new Muslim as well as the "old" Muslim wishing to brush up on the fundamentals.

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    Lecturer : Bilal Philips

    Islamic Education and Establishing Islam in the West.

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    Cyberculture is internet culture – the new environment into which we have been drawn in recent years. While kids are often more internet-savvy than parents, and although we cannot protect them from every negative influence, there are some real and manageable steps we can take to help children stay safe. This book presents practical guidelines compatible with Islamic principles to help them avoid serious problems while allowing them the many benefits of internet use.