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    Lecturere : Ibrahim Zidan Reviewing : Osama Emara

    Explanation of Book of Monotheism [05] Fear of Shirk: In these videos, Sh. Ibrahim Zidan explains the book of Monotheism which was authored by Sh. Muhammad ibn Abdul-Wahhab. This book gives a clear explanation of the Islamic creed which is the core of Islam, for the belief in Tawhid (monotheism) is the purpose for which Allah created both mankind and jinn.

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    Lecturer : Muhammad Bortsha

    Answers of questions about the divisions of polytheism,and whether there is a sin greater than polytheism and whether there is a repentance for the polytheist. Also the ruling of people going to the graves supplicating the buried person asking him to intercede for them or cure their patient

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    The lecturer mentioned the obligation of fearing polytheism as it is the greatest sin because you set a partner for Allah although He is the one who created you. From the reasons of tumbling in polytheism is ignorance of religion.And the person dying as a polytheist without having repentence will stay in the hellfire everlastingly.