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    In this book, Sh. Muhammad Saleh Al-Munajjed shows a useful way to benefit from reading books. At first, he explains why we read books and the reasons of some people’s being away from reading books. He also talks about how to have a useful library and preserve it.

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    Lecturere : Khalid Bin Abdullah Al-Musleh Reviewing : Osama Emara

    In this lecture Sh. Khaled Al-Musleh gives an advice to those seeking the Islamic knowledge at the time which lots of people are away from this knowledge. He shows the importance of the Islamic knowledge and the reward we get through seeking it.

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    In this essay, Dr. Saleh As-Saleh shows the categories of people regarding elm (knowledge) as Imam Ibn Al-Qayyem mentioned when he explained the following hadith in his book entitled, "The Key for the abode of Happiness". The Prophet (peace be upon Him) said, "The example of guidance and knowledge with which Allah has sent me is like abundant rain falling on the earth, some of which was fertile soil that absorbed rain water and brought forth vegetation and grass in abundance. (And) another portion of it was hard and held the rain water and Allah benefited the people with it and they utilized it for drinking, making their animals drink from it and for irrigation of the land for cultivation. (And) a portion of it was barren which could neither hold the water nor bring forth vegetation (then that land gave no benefits). The first is the example of the person who comprehends Allah’s religion and gets benefit (from the knowledge) which Allah has revealed through me (the Prophet) and learns and then teaches others. The last example is that of a person who does not care for it and does not take Allah’s guidance revealed through me (He is like that barren land.)" (Bukhari, v. 1, Book 1, Hadeeth 79).

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    Iqtidaa-ul-‘Ilm al-‘Amal By Al-Khateeb Al-Baghdaadee. This is the second book in the "Classical Knowledge Series", which is a collection of selected scholarly works from the past that deal with the subject of religious knowledge. The first book in this blessed series was “The Book of Knowledge” written by Imaam Abu Khaithamah Zuhayr bin Harb An-Nasaa’ee (Died 234H), may Allah have mercy on him. Since that book served as an introduction to knowledge, its virtues, merits and manners, it seemed proper that the second book be dedicated to the next level of knowledge, which is its result and outcome, and that is righteous deeds. And what better work to present on this subject than the classic and well-known treatise of the distinguished Imaam, Al-Khateeb Al-Baghdaadee, ’Iqtidaa-ul-‘Ilm al-‘Amal’ (Knowledge Mandates Action).

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    Sheikh Muhammad Ibn Saleh Ibn ’Uthaymeen said: I sincerely advise, myself first, and my Muslim brothers, especially the students of knowledge not to make haste and be quick when a new issue befalls a person until he verifies the situation, gains knowledge and then speaks, so that he does not speak about Allah without knowledge.

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    How Does a Learned Person Call to Allah?

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    This article is quoted and translated from the book of ’’Summary Of Islamic Jurisprudence ’’ about the virtue of Knowledge,learning it ,teaching it and the punishment of concealing it.

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    Explanation Of The Book Of Haliat Talb Al Alam(The Ornament Of Knowledge Seeker)written by its writer sheikh Baker Ibn Abdullah Abu Zaid may Allaah has protect him and explained by sheikh Ibn Othaimeen may Allaah has mercy upon him who started his explanation on the twenty second of Rajab of year 1415 a.h. This book is a small book that includes the etiquettes and the plagues contradicting them of knowledge seeker. Whenever anyone loses an etiquette he gains a plague so the sheikh had collected this book from the etiquette of rightly guided scholars