Dealing in alcohol, supplies for Christian holidays, condoms and cosmetic creams


A question answered by Shaikh Muhammad Salih Al-Munajjid regarding: "I have a retail bussiness,, which during there holiday I carry there goods, like Christmas decoration, mothers day, Easter,, holloween,, ect,, is this harram,, I use to own a supermarket once I sold it and I didn’t want to get in to that again cause sold beer and pork. also brother I hope you don’t mind mentioning some of the items I sale, tell me if its haraam condoms, ceramic figurs, cigarettes, lottery,, medicine some contain alcohol,, or the gel tablets,, candy that may or my not have any haraam in it, toothpaste,, some of these items are haraam for us to use but can it be sold to the kafir since they the only customers."