He Is Worried and Distressed as a Result of a Haraam Relationship


A question answered by Shaikh Muhammad Salih Al-Munajjid regarding: “I am in a very emotionally difficult situation at the moment and cannot contemplate anything but my death. I cannot think of anything about my future or anything except death but even then I do not want to die now in the hope that Almighty and all merciful Allah grants me mercy for the sin I have committed. The problem is that over the past few months I have grown close to a female. I had no intention to form a sinful relationship at all. The reason I got close to her was to talk her out of the idea of her killing herself. You see she has been suicidal and keeps taking overdose, I tried to talk to her and teach her so she would not do this sin and save her from hellfire. But what happened is slowly things went wrong and a wrong relationship formed... we never had sex and I never had any intention to have sex. She is married. But the problem that has happened is that she claims that on occasion I entered her. I do not believe this because I did not take my clothes off but she was partially nude. I am in fear that even if I didn’t enter her, I may have done a sin. But if I did, then I fear I am doomed. I do not believe her because I have found that she does not have good intentions and she may have tried the excuse if being suicidal just to get close to me... I am very disturbed now and cannot sleep or do anything. I regret what has happened and pray to Allah for forgiveness. All I wanted to do was to save someone from hell and now I may have destroyed my own self.”