Rulings Pertaining to Woman Taking Care of Severely Mentally Challenged Man


This is a questioned answered by the Permanent Committee regarding, As a recent revert to Islam i am always trying to gain extra knowledge and guidance, inshallah. My question relates to my current job. I work as a home carer, taking care of the needs of a severely handicapped person, who suffered brain damage during birth. This person is 42yrs old, although his brain activity and mental capabilities are that of a baby, he has no control what so ever over his body and is unable to do anything for himself i.e he cannot wash dress or feed himself and wears pads for toileting, he is also unable to walk or talk at all and is confined to a wheel chair. I’ve already been told i am able to work with this person but now I’m wondering whether being in close contact with this person will break my wudoo, as i have to touch him on a daily basis. Inshallah you are able to answer my question.’