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1-2-1422 || 24-4-2001 Location Riyad, Saudi Arabia



Group of Islamhouse’s Websites to introduce Islam in more than 100 languages.


Company Overview:

Group of Islamhouse’s Websites to introduce Islam in more than 90 languages is considered one of activities of Cooperative Office for Dawah, Guidance and Awareness of the Islamic Communities in Rabwah, Riyad. It is a charitable dawah institution based on donations of benefactors and efforts of good doers. Grand Sheikh Abdul-Aziz ibn Baaz (may Allah have mercy on him), Top Mufti of KSA, called for founding it in Shabaan 28, 1414 A.H. The office is supervised by Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Endowments, Dawah and Guidance.


General Information:

Main Target:
Islamhouse’s websites aim to introduce Islam and its characteristics to the non-Muslims in tens of languages. They also aim to correct the misconceptions about Islam. In addition, they provide Muslims with what they should know about the Islamic belief and how to worship Allah based on Ahlus-Sunnah wa Al-Jamaah’s methodology and in accordance with the Righteous Predecessors’ understanding (may Allah be pleased with them all).

How to reach this target: 
1- Choosing and preparing a suitable content in different languages.
2- Continuous planning and developing groups of Islamhouse’s Websites in tens of languages called //Islamhouse.com. 
3- Encouraging authorship and Islamic translation from Arabic into different languages in Islamhouse’s Websites.


Group of Islamhouse’s Websites received four prizes throughout its career, namely:
1-2- It got 
Digital Excellence Award twice respectively as a first place from Ministry of Communications and Information Technology in KSA for years 2006 and 2007 in Electronic Culture Branch.
3- It got Special Mention Award in 2007 in Electronic Culture Branch on the level of Arab Countries and Middle East from World Summit Awards held as a part from UN World Summit Information Society. 
4- It got Sharjah Award in UAE for its voluntary work in 2010 in the field of Sharia and Islamic religion.