• Islam in Brief English

    Preparation : Mohammed A. Al-Abdulhay Reviewing : Muhammad AbdulRaoof

    A simplified Introduction to Islam in English language in categories of question and answer in different aspect, and it increases the question from Non Muslims.

  • Preparation : Mohammed A. Al-Abdulhay Reviewing : Muhammad AbdulRaoof

    Discover The Truth: A brief PowerPoint that guides a person towards Islam, Islam is the religion and way of life of about one Fifth of the world’s population. Muslims are of diverse nationalities, cultures and races, but their Religion teaches that all humanity is essentially equal. It guides them to the Straight Path.

  • Preparation : Khalid I. Al-Anayshah Al-Dossary Reviewing : Osama Emara

    In this presentation, Dr. Khaled ibn Ibrahim Ad-Dosari shows the meaning of Islam and handles and discusses some aspects of Islam such as who is Allah, prestige of the human being in Islam, the purpose of creation, the pillars of Islam and Iman, what is Ka’bah and the prestige of the Prophet Esa in Islam. At the end of the presentation, Dr. Khaled mentioned some of the Prophetic hadiths.

  • Reviewing : Muhammad AbdulRaoof

    This PowerPoint presents a comparison between Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and other faiths. Using quotes from the books of these faiths, it asks the reader to judge for himself and arrive at the truth. It calmly explains how only Islam can provide guidance for the entire mankind and is the true religion, sent by God of Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad. Excellent Dawah presentation.

  • This colorful presentation is for non-Muslims who would like to understand Islam, Muslims, and other facts of Islam.