• Bosnian

    A useful book translated into Bosnian contains the creed of Ahlu As-sunnah Wal Jamaah with proofs from the Quran and prophetic Sunnah. The author (may Allah have mercy on him) talked about the virtue of monotheism versus the major and minor polytheism.

  • English

    In this book, Dr. Abdur-Rahman Dimashqeyyah shows and discusses the wrong believes in Shii doctrine. He said in his introduction, \”… My intention is simply to make clear to every Shia what the books of their religious leaders contain. These are things that many people still do not realize. My intention is to maintain an objective position, far from bigotry and blind allegiance to traditions. My only reason for writing it is to earn the pleasure of Allah and to clarify the truth to all who are interested to hear it. We should all free ourselves from prejudice and wild ideas, and avoid making inflammatory and insulting charges that fuel the emotions, block the path to truth, and widen the chasm between us. These things do nothing but dissipate the spirit of peace and harmony.\”