Good behaviour in Islam

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To show good behavior is a sign of intellectual maturity and psychological serenity which Islam deems essential and as significant as is worship itself. It, therefore, instructs its followers to adopt, when dealing with others, an approach of righteousness enough to spare them harm. Islam considers a smiling face towards people to be a great category of alms-giving. It also orders the softened speech, the good way to argue and forgive offenders be of the lofty virtues. It urges Muslims to exchange gifts with others, give charity and show good discipline even to Non-Muslims. It, furthermore, motivates its followers to be of good company to them, guide them, visit them when sick and congratulate them on happy occasions. A Muslim is ordained to express gratitude to any who has done him a favor . For the Messenger of God, peace be upon him, said: “He who has done you a favor is to be rewarded.” Islam supports the urge to suppress abuse by outstretching gratefulness and confront injustices with justice and patience. A wife is given by Islam the right to be dealt with justly as well as children with mercy and compassion. Allah, the Almighty, says: ".......And treat them fairly......" Islam, thus, views those of benefit to people as the most highly beloved ones in the sight of Allah; whereas the most preferable acts are those which render others pleased and cheerful. In general, Islam recommends kindness be on top of all issues.

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