Main talks from the JIMAS 9th International Dawah Conference


Contents :

1- Introduction and welcome to the Conference - by Abu Muntasir.
2- Keynote speech: Muslims of the West - Contributing to Our Society - by Abu Muntasir.
3- Preserving the Call of the Prophets at All Times - by Shaikh Salim.
4- Lessons from the Companions living as a minority"- by Shaikh Anwar al-Awlaki.
5- The Muslim Citizen as a Member of Society - by Shaikh Jaafar Idris.
6- Love for the Final Prophet in Faith and Practice - by Shaikh Mamdouh Mohamed.
7- Being the Best Neighbours in Our Society - by Shaikh Muhammad Al-Shareef.
8- Moral Problems of Society - Islam’s Guidance for the Welfare of All - by Shaikh Rafil Dhafir.
9- Looking after the Environment - a Trust from Allah - by Shaikh Shabir Ally.
10- The Responsibility of Raising and Educating Children - by Shaikh Sohaib Hasan.
11- Witnessing the Approach of the Last Hour - by Shaikh Salim Al-Amry.
12- Questions & Answers - part 1 - by various speakers.
13- Questions & Answers - part 2 - by various speakers.
14- Conclusion to the Conference - by various speakers.