Main talks from the JIMAS 10th International Dawah Conference


Contents :

1- Welcome and introduction - by Abu Muntasir.
2- Keynote speech: Being Like Prophet Muhammad is Society’s Only Hope - by Shaikh Abdullah Hakim Quick.
3- Proofs of the Prophethood of Muhammad - by Shaikh Shabir Ally
4- The Nature of Good and Evil - by Shaikh Jaafar Idris.
5- The Best Character was that of the Prophet - by Shaikh Muhammad al-Shareef.
6- Drawing Hope from the Preservation of the Sunnah - by Shaikh Sohaib Hasan.
7- Unity of Mankind on the Brotherhood of Islam - by Shaikh Abdullah Hakim Quick.
8- Priorities of Following the Way of Muhammad - by Shaikh Mamdouh Mohamed.
9- Prophetic Examples of Upholding Tawhid - by Shaikh Salim al-Amry.
10- The Experiences and Ultimate End of Those Who Followed and Opposed the Prophet - by Shaikh Anwar al-Awlaki.
11- Islam the Clear Hope - Promises of Allah for this World & the Hereafter - by Shaikh Salim al-Amry.
12- Conclusion & Parting Advice - by various speakers.