Main talks from the JIMAS 11th International Dawah Conference


Contents :

1- Welcome and introduction - by Abu Muntasir.
2- Presentations by others.
3- Learning Revealed Knowledge - by Shaikh Jaafar Idris.
4- Learning Discovered Knowledge - by Khalid Yasin.
5- The Divine Decree of Parents and Parenthood - by Dr. Mamdouh Mohamed.
6- Schooling in Britain - the pros and cons - by Dr. Abdul-Bari, Dr. Abdul-Hayee and Dr. Mukadam.
7- Participating in Civil Society - by Dr. Yasin Dutton.
8- Marriage and Islamic Home - by Shaikh Sohaib Hasan.
9- Journey of the Soul - by Shaikh Salim al-Amry.
10- Doing Da’wah Facing Propaganda - by Shabir Ally.
11- The Nobility of Islamic Brotherhood - by Muhammad AlShareef.
12- Conclusion & Parting Advice - by various speakers.