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    Maikling buod :Desired Position:Daiyah

    Name: ISMAEL "Ricky" MorinoEspanol
    Address: Km. 10 Masjid Al Muhajirun, Catalunan Pequeno ,
    Davao City , Philippines
    Cell Phone No.: +639303547403 or +966502770183 KSA
    Email Add: [email protected]
    Former Religion: Roman Catholic, Buddhism, IglesianiCristoetc.
    Present Religion: Al Islam
    Civil Status: Married
    Age: 37



    Work Experiences:

    8 years Daiyah, Davao City -
    - Daiyah in NorolHidaya, Panabo City (1997-2000)
    - Daiyah/ Imam in Islamic Mission for Peace Welfare and Guidance Inc. (2003-2004)
    - Daiyah/ Radio Commentator in The Truth about Islam aired at DXRA Radio Station (2004)
    - Daiyah/Radio Commentator in The Truth about Islam aired at DXOW Radio Station (2005)
    - Daiyah/Radio Commentator in The Truth about Islam aired at DXUM (2006)
    - Daiyah/ Radio Commentator in The Light of Qur'an and Sunnahairedat DXUM (2008)

    Ø 2 years Daiyah, Baguio City
    - Daiyah in Baguio City Islamic Center (2001-2003)

    Ø 6 years Daiyah/Translator, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
    - Speaker (Islam: The Religion of the Prophets) in King FahadHospital ,Jizan, K.S.A
    - Speaker (Islam; The True Religion) in Abu Arish Chest Hospital ,Jizan,K.S.A
    - Daiyah/ Translator in Ministry of Hajj, Makkah Saudi Arabia
    - Speaker (Knowing Islam)in Toyota Company, Jizan K.S.A
    - Daiyah / Lecturer (Oneness of Allah) in Al-Hakami Clinic, Jizan, K.S.A
    - Lecturer(Da'wah Techniques) in Riyadh , K.S.A
    - Teacher of New Muslim Filipinos in Abu Arish Islamic Center, Jizan, K.S.A
    - Translator in Umrah
    - Translator of Ministry of Hajj 2007 Makkah K.S.A
    - Speaker knowing Islam Al Muasam Hospital Jizan K.S.A
    - Daiyah in Jeddah Hay Aljamiah Islamic Center Jeddah 2011-2012
    - Speaker in Wadi Al Dawasir Hospital
    - Speaker in Bin Jalawi Hospital Al Ahsa
    - Four times Hajj and 30 times Umrah leader

    Da'wah in Computer

    Da'wah in Youtube
    Da'wah in Facebook
    Da'wah in Skype
    Da'wah in Yahoo Messenger
    Da'wah in Twitter

    Ø Volunteer Daiyah

    - Daiyah/ Radio Commentator in Radio program sponsored by Islamic Call and Guidance, Philippines (ISCAG), 2006

    Ø Volunteer Daiyah in Al-Islam Educational and Guidance Center Inc., Davao City

    Ø Volunteer Daiyah in Banaybanay, Davao Oriental (weekends)

    Leadership Experience:
    - Vice- President (2006) in Al-Islam Educational and Guidance Center Inc., Davao City
    - President (2006-2007) in Callers to Submission and Piety Inc., Davao City

    Special SKILLS:
    - Knows to speak in different languages namely; Arabic, English, Tagalog, Visayan etc.
    - Teaches Arabic language and Islamic teachings to any mental level of a person
    - Speaks and lectures a specific topic simultaneously and smoothly
    - Answers questions immediately, briefly and concisely
    - Knows lots of Da'wah Strategies
    - Computer literate
    - Good Rapport
    - Driving

    Additional Information:

    Ø Participant- "Manila International Forum on Halal Trade and Industry" sponsored by:
    - Islamic Da'wah Council of the Philippines
    - Inter-Continental Hotel, Makati City ,Phils, June 26,2006

    Ø Secretariat- "2nd Educational Youth Encampment" sponsored by WAMY, Phils: Seagull Beach Resort, Davao City , July 28-30,2006

    Ø Secretariat- "Davao Regional Ulama Consultative Assembly" sponsored byWAMY,Phil.: Grand Menseng Hotel, Davao City , September 14, 2006

    Ø Guest Speaker- "Islamic Symposium" sponsored by Inter School Muslim Organization Ateneo de Davao University, September 16,2006

    Ø Resource person- "Islam: The Misunderstood Religion" sponsored by AS 311 PHILOSOPHY AND RELIGION OF ASIA INTERNATIONAL STUDIES PROGRAM: Ateneo Board room, Ateneo de Davao Ubiver sity, October 02, 2006

    Ø Resource Speaker- "Symposium on Understanding Islam, Bridging the gaps to Christian" sponsored by Banaybanay Municipal Employees Association Municipal Covered Court , Banaybanay, Davao Oriental, December 14,2006

    Ø Participant- "2nd Da'wah Seminar in Riyadh " sponsored by Islamic Center in Badi'ah As-Shifa Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia , November 14-16,2007

    Ø Participant- "Strategy of Da'wah" sponsored by Ministry of Hajj
    UmmulQura', Makkah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
    December 01-24,2007
    Daiyah of Ministry of Hajj 2007 hajj
    Participant in Jeddah 5thDa'wah Seminar 2011
    Participant in Care Center For New Muslims in Riyadh 2012

    Present work:

    Daiyah in Mubarraz Islamic Center Alhasa KSA 2009-2013