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    Valentine Day English


    This is an answer from Sh. Muhammad ibn Saleh Al-Uthaimin about the ruling on the Valentine Day.

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    The phenomenon of imitating the disbelievers has spread in the muslims countries. And from the features of imitating them in our nation is imitating their feasts like what is known by (Valentine). In this article the writer demonstrated the history of Valentine, the ruling of celebrating it by Sheikh Muhammed Salih Al-Munajjid.

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    Celebrating Valentine’s Day.

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    Valentine Day, Birthdays, and Other Daze

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    Most Muslims who indulge in many alien cultural practices, these days, do not know what they are doing. They are just blind followers of their equally blind cultural leaders. Have you ever asked, whose Valentine?

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    Due to the pitiful state which the Ummah of Muhammad (may God praise him) is in, due to the lack of knowledge of Muslims about their religion, and due to the high regard which some Muslims hold for Western thought and culture, we see that a hideous practice which contradicts the very principles of chastity and honor in Islam has crept into many Muslim societies. Many people don’t realize the origins and consequences of this shameful celebration, but rather blindly follow its rites and customs to be "closer" to the West, not thinking of the sin and displeasure they are earning from Allah.This Book study the ruling concerning this celebration and statements of scholars in this regard.