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    A Muslim believer is constantly cleansing and purifying himself, both his heart and his body. Here is a brief summary discussing physical purity and ritual purity, which is required for certain acts of worship. It includes fiqh rulings pertaining to impure substances, to ghusl, wudhū’, tayammum, menstruation and other related issues. .

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    Reviewing : Muhammad AbdulRaoof

    This episode shows the Rulings concerning How one must perform At-Tayammum, its conditions, manners and etiquettes in Islam according to Quran and Sunnah.

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    Sheikh Saleh and his vicious Sheikh Muhammad Bin’Uthaymeen -May He have Allah’s mercy - show some of the provisions of Purity, Tayammum and Wiping over the socks.

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    Lecturer : Safwat Kudozovetch

    The five prayers are timed with certain times and it isn’t permissible to perform them before the start of these times .And perhaps someone might be busy unaware to the start of the time of prayer that’s why Allah legislated the azan informing the start of the time.The reason of its legislation when it was difficult to know the times and the companions discussed the way appointing the start, Abullah was seen the Azan in his sleep and the revelation confirmed it.

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    A nice book covering many aspects of wudoo, ghusl, tayammum, and wiping over socks and bandages.