Islamic Politics and Ruling of Contemporary Issues

This is a group contains topics about Islamic politics and ruling of contemporary Issues in different languages.

Number of Items: 11

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    1- Introduction and the Islamic approach to the judiciary. 2- Defining the judicial system and its legal basis, and the Islamic ruling concerning the judiciary.

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    When one looks into current affairs, one cannot help but to note that the Muslim world is distraught with unrest and violence. This article will discuss how colonization and Western interference has played the primary role in forming this state of affairs.

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    In understanding the concept of government in Islam, one needs to first understand the nature of the religion. This article explains how fundamental beliefs of Islam play a pivotal role in the system of governance. Part 1: The separation of ‘church and state.’

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    Justice as a basic objective of Islam and a moral virtue, and the standard of justice envisaged by the Quran.

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    The discourse in this book addresses elite western politicians, intellectuals and thinkers. It discusses the most important issues related to the political system of Saudi Arabia from an Islamic perspective and through the state’s laws like the Basic Law of Governance. Among the issues discussed by the book, for instance, the imama (leadership), the rights and duties of the Muslim leader, the nature of relation between citizens and the King, the concept of Shoura in Islam and the impact of the implementation of this Shoura in Saudi Arabia compared with democracy, the concept of bay’ah (pay of allegiance), the formation of political parties and the so-called opposition, the freedom of opinion, as well as other issues raised in the Western media and political circles about the political system of Saudi Arabia.

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    This is an article in Uyghur shows the concept of justice in Islam.

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    This is an article in German shows the general principles of Islamic system.

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    Approach to Islam in justice and equality

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    This is an article in Spanish shows the concept of equality and justice in Islam.

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    Author : Muhammad AbdulQader Abu Faris Translation : Omar Muhsin Reviewing : N. Tamkeni

    A book about the legitimate politics in Islam and refuting the suspicion of separating between politics and religion through evidences from Quran and Sunnah and sayings of scholars.

  • Ashurah English


    Lecturer : Muhammad Syed Adly

    A lecture by sheikh Adly, regardying the best day of the month of Muharrah. The day of great significance when Allah delivered Moosa and his people and drowned Pharaoh and his people