Sect of Qadyanism

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  • Ahmadiyyah English


    1-A brief look at how Ahmadiyyah differs and contradicts the teachings of Islam. This first part mentions its origins and how it differs from Islam and how it broke up into two groups. 2-Some principles of Ahmadiyyah, their view on the finality of the Message of God, the Quran, Prophet Muhammad and Jihad. 3-Concluding part of the Ahmadiyyah article, includes a quick overview of the fallacies of Mirza Ghulam Ahmed, and the stance of mainstream Muslims towards Ahmadiyyah.

  • Ahmadiyyah English


    An article shows the origin of Ahmadiyyah, its own beliefs and its division into two sects. An article shows some of Ahmadiyyah’s beliefs concerning revelation, Prophethood and Jihad. An overall look to show the wrong belief of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Al Qadyani and the Islamic attitude towards Ahmadiyyah.

  • If someone is not a qadiani but knows that they believe in a false prophet and accepts qadianis as a madhab in Islam, are they out of Islam? I believe that they are out of Islam, and I am acting on that belief in my conduct towards such people.

  • Muslims in Pakistan and India has been afflicted with a calamity having a religious appearence and a political core since the nineteenth century which is the appearence of Qadianiyyah movement or Ahmedaya movement, a colonist plot against Islam and muslims.As soon as this movement started to spread its evil,muslim scholars started confronting it

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    Muslims in Pakistan and India are afflicted since the end of the ninteenth century with a religious calamity as a appearance but has a political core which spread dangerously which is Qadianiyyah movement(also Ahmadyia).It is the colonist plot against islam and muslims.As soon as they appeared muslim scholars hurried to confront it writing books,statements and fatwas to reveal the true image of this movement

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