Believing in Al-Qada’ wa Al-Qadar (Divine Will and Decree)

This is a group contains topics about believing in al-qada’ wa al-qadar (divine will and decree) in different languages.

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    The often misconceived belief of predestination, and the relationship between God’s eternal Knowledge and Ability to human deed and destiny.

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    Allah is The All Wise, and wisdom implies placing everything in its correct position; there is great wisdom behind everything that Allah has created and legislated, which His slaves may or may not grasp. It is those scholars with deep understanding and firm knowledge who may comprehend some of these wisdoms. Allah did not create anything uselessly or aimlessly. There is wisdom behind everything that appears evil; snakes, scorpions, poverty, diseases, famine, earthquakes, volcanoes, and even the existence of disbelief upon the earth. There is wisdom behind everything, even the creation of Satan, which only the people of knowledge can comprehend.

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    Writer : Muhammad Saleh Qarajim Reviewing : N. Tamkeni

    An article showing that supplication alone is not enough but we should perform reasons in every thing as from the requirements of supplication seeking what we asked all for through every permissable and legitimate way.

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    This article is quoted and translated from the book of ’’Summary Of Islamic Jurisprudence ’’ about the sixth pillar of faith which is believing in the divine decree which includes four items: 1-Belief that Allah knows everything generally and in details 2-Belief that Allah wrote the fate of everything 3-Belief that none of the creations occurs except by the will of Allah,everything occur according to his will 4-Belief that Allah created everything and that the deeds,sayings and movements of the creation all are created by Allah