Believing in Al-Qada’ wa Al-Qadar (Divine Will and Decree)

This is a group contains topics about believing in al-qada’ wa al-qadar (divine will and decree) in different languages.

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    Allah created his creation, decreed the predestination and ordained set ways upon the universe, individuals, nations and people. These ways apply to his slaves, his allies, his enemies, and to the heavens and earth. These ways rule humanity and life on earth. They do not vary according to time or place.

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    This booklet gives the reader a thorough understanding of how the will, choice and ability of the slave are subservient to the Will and Power of Allah in the words of the noble Shaikh Muhammad ibn Saleh al-Uthaimeen (rahimahullah), Apart from explaining what it means to believe in the Divine Decree, the Shaikh has expansively clarified important issues related to the subject, like Allah’s Will for the occurrence of Kufr despite His Hatred for it.

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    Author : Bilal Philips Reviewing : Muhammad AbdulRaoof

    Qadar is a very sensitive topic. It is the sixth pillar of faith, and many people have gone astray regarding it. Some have denied it altogether while others have gone to such extremes in affirming it that they end up denying human free will.